Scarlet letter
Updated: 9/5/2019
Scarlet letter
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  • It all happened in the 1600's in Boston, a colony of puritans. Hester was a woman who was married with Roger Chillingworth but she never loved him. She committed adultery, which is a sin, with the minister Arthur Dimmesdale and from that night of passion, she got pregnant. As a punishment they put her in a prison until she had the baby. In her judgement day, they decide to make her wear a scarlet letter 'A' to represent the sin of adultery she had committed and to stand in the scaffold for three hours.
  • Chillingworth, who was a leech, want to seek revenge of Hester and he, in a judgment day, claimed Pearl as the daughter of the devil. She was acting in a very strange way which was not customary for that time. Chillingworth kill a guy thinking that he was the one which Hester has committed adultery.
  • Dimmesdale passed through a night of vigil because he felt guilty of keeping the secret of Pearl for him self. He went to the scaffold and he saw Pearl and Hester pass by and he told them to join him. While they were up in there, they saw a meteor that reveals that Chillingworth was watching them with a malice expression.
  • Hester was a woman of passion, then after she got the scarlet letter, she became a very good person that helped others.The townspeople began to feel gratitude and empathy towards her, because she was always helping the less fortunate people and never expect anything in change. She was amenable and had not caused controversy.
  • Hester and Dimmesdale wanted to leave with Pearl from Boston to New England because they saw the opportunity to leave in a ship in 3 days.
  • Dimmesdale in his election day sermon stood in the scaffold and he said out loud the sin he committed. He showed his chest that had the letter A, standing were Hester stood years ago. Later Arthur dies, as Chillingworth meaning of life was revenge and he had no longer, dies withing a year of Dimmesdale death. Roger left his fortune to Pearl.
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