Miles Morales
Updated: 1/22/2020
Miles Morales
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  • Hi, my name is Miles. Long story short, i'm a teenager and also a superhero that saves the day!
  • Hi I'm Miles' dad, officer Davis. I'm not a fan of spider-man.
  • Exposition:This story takes place in Brooklyn. Miles' best friend is Ganke and he has a crush on Alicia
  • Hi i'm Miles' mom Rio. I'm a nurse and I like super-heroes.
  • HistoryMr.Chamberlain
  • Rising Action#1:This was when miles' spider senses were getting out of control and he needed to get out the classroom
  • Mr. Chamberlain I have to pee
  • My spider senses were glitching and caused me to get suspended from school.
  • Rising Action#2: Miles got suspended from school because of a misunderstanding and now he's going home.
  • Yea, just because of the color of your skin.That doesn't make any sense. It is not right to treat others unfairly.
  • Mr.Chamberlain is always on my tail and dislikes me because of my race. HE'S RACIST!
  • Mr.Chamberlain needs to get fired because of the way he's treating you.
  • Climax:Miles is being treated unfairly by his history teacher because of the color of his skin.
  • I am not an animal so treat me the way you would want to be treated!
  • ...
  • The whole class: WE ARE PEOPLE!
  • Falling Action:Miles stands up for himself and tells Mr.Chamberlain to treat him fairly.
  • I feel good to know that I was brave enough to stand up for myself.
  • Resolution:After Miles said what he had to say to Mr.Chamberlain,he left the classroom and was proud for standing up for himself
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