Learning to Drive

Updated: 7/29/2020
Learning to Drive

Storyboard Text

  • I see the open road, and I realize.... I WANT TO DRIVE!!!
  • So I jump on my computer, go to icbc.com and book my knowledge test. Then I STUDY STUDY STUDY!
  • After I pass my practice test with 100% correct scores, I go to the local ICBC office to write my knowledge test.
  • Now I'm learning to drive! My parents sign me up for an ICBC-approved driving course, and I'm driving for real! I am a very safe driver!!
  • After 12 months of wonderful, accident-free driving, I am back at the ICBC office to take my driving test and get my "N". I'm a real, licensed driver!
  • After 18 more months of driving with my "N", I am ready to take a class 5 road test and get my full license. I made enough money this summer to buy my first car!!