Updated: 3/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Here we will grow our crops and settle our corral for the animals.
  • Let me get the offerings ready.
  • First we will pray to Hera so she can bless this lands to get good crops.
  • Hera please bless this land to keep it safe from the pest.
  • Now we need an animal from our corral to sacrifice it to Artemis.
  • Let me get animal and prepare it for the sacrifice.
  • Artemis we present to you this sacrifice so you can keep safe our animals.
  • Please Artemis keep safe our animals and bless them so they can produce goods for many years.
  • Now we work our land and feed our animals and thanks to our blessings we will have good crops and allot of animals.
  • Thanks Artemis and Hera for everything.
  • As we can see Greece had many gods and the people were highly influenced by the gods and everything that surround them had an explanation thanks to a god.