Unknown Story
Updated: 3/30/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Mixed Economy
  • OK I am shere that every thing is right because I check that stuff all the time because I own the store.
  • Hi I am the government and I have to make sure that this store is safe and follows the gide line. like is every one is the legal working age if every one is getting medium wage and and that tipe of stuff
  • Command Economey
  • But that is so hard to do but tentatively this is your store.
  • I work for the government and you have to make 100,000 pounds of flower by the end of this year or you will be in big trouble
  • Market Economy
  • I have saved up my money and worked hard to make this store and I can higher how every i want and pay them what every I what.
  • The worker for the government is coming to make sure that the safety and gide lines are ok.
  • He saved up his money so he could make his company a thing and he can