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Engelsk - life + corona
Updated: 3/25/2020
Engelsk - life + corona
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  • When do you all think the school close?
  • Yes corona is spreading very fast
  • I dont know, but soon I think
  • Hmmm I am wonduering what she might say
  • "The school is closing, so everybody need to stay home in 14 days."
  • Waow there is a lot of people, how ironic, when we can be surrounded with a lot of people
  • Homework
  • First of all it all started with, me and my freinds have been talking about corona at school.
  • We have got so many homeworks, I am already stressed. I thought this was a corona holiday. But no we get our hands full with homeworks
  • I also miss you. I hope corona will end soon
  • Me and my mam is sitting in the sofa , and Mette Frederiksen is about to speak about corona.
  • Lukas
  • I miss you Jose, I hope we can see each other soon
  • Mam can we see some Beverly Hills 90210, and eat some icecream?
  • After hearing Mette Frederiksen talk, my mam said to me "Jose take some close on" and I was like "why?" and then she said "because we need to go to Netto and buy some food and toiletpaper" I said "we will be the only one, nobody else is doing it!" but it turned out that my mam was right there were a lot of people
  • No Jose, you need to do your homework! But on the other hand you can take 1 hour break:)
  • Then it turned monday, and we have got a lot of homeworks, and I am just laying in my bed doing all my homeworks while I am eating unhealthy food, so I can get fat.
  • Beside all the homeworks, have I also found some time to go out in my backyard to get some sun and talking to my boyfreind over FaceTime who I miss so much.
  • Last now I hate being home because I can not see my friends, boyfriend and family. I am also very bored. Corona is still spreading and a lot of people is getting sick and dying, so we all need to stay home and break the chains. 
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