Updated: 5/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • After changing..
  • Liya, shall we go to sleep now, we have a school play done by the students of our school in the evening. (asking an advice)
  • Will it be possible, because it is already quite late. (seeking an opinion)
  • Two friends gathered together for a sleepover and.....
  • So, it will be better if we go sleep fast.(suggestion)
  • They said that we should reach on time. (obligation)
  • We can try reaching on time. (possibility)
  • After a short nap.....
  • After the show was over...
  • Shall we get ready?(suggestion)
  • Absolutely!
  • That would be a great idea! (past tense of will)
  • May I use the washroom to change? (permission)
  • Shall we leave in a taxi?(suggestion)
  • Ok, let's leave.
  • During a scene in the play....
  • You betrayed me!!!
  • Would you please tell me how many minutes are left? (polite request)
  • I am sorry. What shall I do for you?( an offer)
  • It should get over in 30 minutes.(logical deduction)
  • Shall I drop you home?
  • The End
  • Yes, you can and thank you!(possibility)