If Friends Had to Come to Job Interviews
Updated: 4/8/2021
If Friends Had to Come to Job Interviews

Storyboard Text

  • Yeah so I've been in collage for accounting for a while now. I was able to major in accounting as well
  • Well that's good to hear, you seem very capable of this job haha. I do have a random question here as well. what's something you've failed at?
  • Well Um-
  • Actually, one time He tried to drive a car, and he ended up accidentally driving it into a river-
  • Pinch
  • Ohhh- you don't have to worry about that! Haha, I wish friends didn't have to come to interviews!
  • -Ow-
  • You know this is a trucking company where we usually use anyone available to quickly move trucks around the parking lot right?
  • One week later...
  • I failed the interview! TvT
  • Um- uh- sorry-