ENGLISH 2/2/21
Updated: 2/2/2021
ENGLISH 2/2/21

Storyboard Text

  • We shall meet macbeth when the war has finished,then we shall meet it
  • The 3 witches are discussing on when and how meet macbeth
  • The brave Macbeth did not hesitate to kill Macdownald
  • I heard he cut him open and put his head on a steak
  • Macbeth,its an honour to me to give you the thane of Cawdor
  • Thanks,King Duncan,is an honour to me have this beautiful castle.
  • Malcom,im glad to tell you that you're gonna be the next king
  • HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • But he gived us his castle,is not fair!
  • You don't want to kill the king,you're a coward!
  • Sorry,King duncan