like water for chocolate
Updated: 2/14/2020
like water for chocolate

Storyboard Text

  • Pedro, i have something to tell you...
  • Yeah go ahead Tita...
  • I just want to let you know that John is coming back and i dont know what to do
  • Are you still planning on marrying him, what about us?
  • I think thats a good decision, because we did like eachother for the longest , and we do want to be together.
  • I think im going to go with you, since we had some going on when he was gone.
  • As Tita was talking to pedro, she was nervous, she didnt know how pedro was gonna react.
  • hey brown ,we have to talk
  • What is it tita ?
  • Tita was confused and didnt decide yet.
  • while you were gone , me and pedro had something going on.I know i messed up but i made my decision, i think we should not get married, because i want to be with pedro...
  • why would you do that, did you forget that we were engaged? i dont know what to say right now
  • Pedro and tita were walking and talking about what they should do . Tita wasnt very happy because she didnt want to hurt brown but the look on pedros face was a big smile because he was going to be with tita.
  • The next day John Brown is back, so Tita quickly tells him that they have to talk.
  • Tita decides to tell everything to Brown, she knows she messed up, the look of her face was confused/ sad. Brown was suprised, he didnt know Tita would do that to him.