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Story Strong memoir
Updated: 5/21/2020
Story Strong memoir
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  • Finally, We made to Kings Dominion. Can You smell that? The freshly made funnel cake? The still warm cotton candy? The crispy deep fryed oreos?
  • My mouth started to water, as if I haven,t draken water in years.
  • You wanna go have something to eat first? My stomach keeps growling. I need food, Im gona die!
  • We Just got here tough? We got to ride some stuff first, don't you think?
  • I'm so hungry though! I feel like i can eat a horse!
  • Okay tell you what, How about we go on one ride then get food?
  • Okay fine. Since Its my first time here, how about you choose the ride?
  • Okay. Lets get going before the line gets any longer than it is now. The line looks like a snake made of human heads. Lets hurry.
  • Since its my first time I don't know any of the rides. Which ride are you talking about?
  • The Intimidator 305 of course! What other ride can compare to it? Its the 9th tallest roller coaster in the US! Its gonna be awesome!
  • My hands and forehead started to sweat rivers.
  • Your gonna make me ride that as my first ever roller coaster??? Dude, no way i'm riding that.
  • I started clenching my hands.
  • C'mon dude! Its gonna be awesome don't worry!
  • My hearts beating a mile a minute. Okay then, lets just get it overwith.
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