Updated: 3/23/2021

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  • Approach to the inmost cave
  • The Ordeal
  • Reward
  • After they had seized all the bases for one, they sneak into the capital base of the quivers, where the generator of all the quivers was connected to. Just before they start to invade the base Jim is gifted a ring by Bill which transforms him into the most formidable state. The eternal deathwish.
  • The road back
  • They reach into the center of the capital with their biggest power "The Ring" to shut off the alien generator. They realise that the base was way more heavily guarded than previously expected. The center of the massive capital was rumored to have the master generator but the ring and Jim's raw strength shatter the barriers of the dimension
  • Resurrection
  • Suddenly the sky turns red and everything around him shatters and the ring shines a light to a different dimension.
  • Return with the elixir
  • As they walk in the light everything turns black and Jim is teleported to his final battle with the king of the quivers
  • The king of the quivers dodges every single blow and Jim is badly injured. That's when Jim realises that this whole battle should be an illusion as you can't just teleport in reality. He then accelerates his brain power to 50x and the king of the quivers vanishes into thin air.
  • He manages to defeat the king of the quivers, he is reborn in reality as a normal human, in real time and the threat of human existence has disappeared,