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Storytime #5: The Partied Princess - Searching
Updated: 2/4/2018
Storytime #5: The Partied Princess - Searching
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Princess Dahlia and Prince Christopher wake up drowsy and alone after a night full of drinking.

Storyboard Text

  • The next morning, the kingdom was in shambles. After the ball, they noticed that that Dahlia was missing, and searched around the castle, but she was gone. Nobody had seen her stumble out with Prince Christopher. King Aspen sent out the guards to find her.
  • Queen Magnolia and her handmaids surveyed the ballroom. The queen sobbed, thinking about what had happened. It was her fault. She had tried to tame her daughter and may have lost her forever. But there was no time to cry. She needed to find her daughter, somehow.
  • In the kingdom of Bisman, where Prince Christopher hailed from, the kingdom was in the same condition. The horse he had ridden on came back alone, and there had been a long history of human kidnappings in the Kingdom of Zinnia. Nobody was very excited to hear their prince was gone, so Queen Lapis and King Chandraneel ordered their guards to search the Kingdom of Zinnia.
  • Meanwhile, Princess Dahlia and Prince Christopher woke up from their sleep, confused and nauseous. "Where are we?" whimpered Dahlia. "I can't remember" replied Christopher. Dahlia began to cry. "I want to go home! What have we done?" Dahlia cries. "I can't remember that either!" sobs Christopher. "We're stuck and we're going to die!" Dahlia screams.
  • "If we sit here, we'll die even faster," Christopher offers. "We have to get going. Our parents are probably looking for us, anyway," replies Dahlia. They hold each other's hand and begin to walk.
  • But in another place, a coven of witches watch them, ready to tell the Swamp Kingdom of what they see. "They'll never guess what happened," cackles the elderly of the bunch. "Maybe we'll get a bounty," grins the youngest. "Or that boy!" croons the youngest's twin. "Don't worry. We'll be rewarded," laughs another witch. The pair's fate is in these witches hands...
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