F 451 Story Board
Updated: 12/18/2019
F 451 Story Board
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Storyboard Text

  • The Hearth and the Salamander
  • Are you happy?
  • The Sieve and the Sand
  • "Books aren't people. You read and I look around, but there isn't anybody!"
  • Burning Bright
  • As Montag is walking home from his work he spots a young woman alone on the street. She speaks to him a while about being a fireman and then asks him if he is happy. This angers Montag because he knows he is not. Nobody has asked him that before so he is interested.
  • The Immagration
  • Mildred speaks on books from only her knowledge of television. If she can't see the people she does not care about them. She does not want to think when she wants to be entertained.
  • Building Up Culture
  • Captain Beatty orders Montag too burn his books and his house. Montag instead burns Captain Beatty to death. He then runs off and escapes down stream to the forest. The city is then nuked.
  • Re-population
  • The survivors in the forest move over to the city to see f there are any survivors in the city from the atomic bomb. There are none. They prepare some shelter and refuge and clean up some of the dangerous fires.
  • The intellectuals rewrite the books they memorized and take leftover books to create a library. People come to learn and gather knowledge. There is now freedom to read books. Freedom to publish books.
  • The survivors begin to repopulate and some people from other countries even migrate over to America to live there. A new beginning has started. They have begun a new slate.
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