English Story
Updated: 6/17/2020
English Story
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Do all of the rubbish on the beach, and the final scene is Tom all sad and thinking about all the things that he could do to stop pollution.

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  • Once there was a boy named Tom, Tom was an 8 year old boy whose birthday was soon. Tom had always wanted to go to a country called the Phillipenes, he once saw it in a magazine he was reading and he instantly knew he would love it there. But Tom wasn't very happy all he did all day was sit around and watch TV because his parents had very, very busy jobs and they didn't give Tom much attention at all.
  • One day Tom had an excellent idea, what if all he asked for, for his birthday was a trip to the Philippines he was extremely positive that it would work seeing that his birthday was only next weak and he hadn't thought of anything that he wanted yet so he went to write it down on his birthday list.
  • As it came to Tom's birthday he ran into the living room and on the coffee table, there was one small box he had no idea what was in it and his parents told him that he would love it. As Tom slowly opened the small box he noticed that they were tickets to the Philippines he screamed with excitement. Finally, he could something he wanted to do.
  • As Toms and his parents were on the plane on their way to the Philippines they were waiting from the announcement that they would be landing soon and as they heard it Tom couldn't help but smile. He still couldn't believe it.
  • But when Tom went to the beach one day he noticed something quite strange the entire beach was full of rubbish, he felt sad and as he got closer he saw something in amongst all of it, it was a bird lying there lifeless he started to cry.
  • Tom and his family decided to come home early and Tom was not excited at all anymore he was sad and felt bad for all the dead and lifeless marine life and he also felt bad for all the people that had to live on the beaches and look and smell all of the garbage all day.
  • Just then he suddenly realised how lucky he was to live in a nice clean town in a nice big home, and from then on Tom appreciated everything because he knew how lucky he was.
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