Early Settlements
Updated: 2/10/2020
Early Settlements

Storyboard Text

  • Why it was established
  • This is nice.
  • Major Problems
  • Where is everybody! I don't know where everybody is. What do I do!
  • What would I do differently
  • This is lovely. I will never want to leave either.
  • My job here is done.
  • This place is amazing. I am never leaving.
  • Roanoke settled because they wanted to find gold and other riches. They also wanted to expand England's territory search.
  • When Roanoke left and came back everyone had disappeared. When Roanoke got there they were not prepared. They couldn't farm and they had no one to farm.
  • If I went back in time I would stay where Roanoke was and I wouldn't leave so everybody knows where everybody is so we don't disappear or die.