About Thomas Edison
Updated: 2/15/2020
About Thomas Edison

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  • Hello, my name is Thomas Edison.
  • I was born in the year 1847.
  • Fact: Sadly, three of his siblings passed away during their childhood.
  • I had six siblings and was the youngest of them all.
  • During the Civil War, I was a telegraph operator in various different places. However, I didn't have the greatest hearing, which was a big problem with this type of job. I began to experiment with things that would help my hearing issue.
  • During the first few years of my new occupation, I worked on upgrading the telegraph.
  • Four years after the civil war, I decided to make inventing my career.
  • Fact: The Phonograph was an instrument that could record your voice and other sounds.
  • After that, I started inventing different things, such as the world's first phonograph. However many people remember me as the inventor of the first incandescent light bulb.
  • Soon, lots of people started to use incandescent light bulbs in their homes. In years to come, these types of bulbs would replace candles and lamps. My work helped modernize the U.S. and eventually had a great impact on the whole world.
  • I don't want to brag or anything... but I was a genius.
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