Fever 1794
Updated: 3/16/2021
Fever 1794

Storyboard Description

Mattie, grandfather, her Mother, and Eliza, life is all good but Mother says that Polly is late so you have to get up Mattie, but Mattie wants to stay in bed Mother goes to see Polly but she finds out Polly is dead. Then Mother tells Mattie, Some time later Mattie tries to convince Mother to go to Polly's funeral. But Mother won’t let her but a few days later she gets to go outside to pick up some bread and some stuff but she sees Nathanial. Some time later Mother gets sick and tells Mattie to go to a farm, but Mattie wants to stay and help her, and Grandfather finds a carriage to take them to the farm, and then they pack up and get in the carriage. My part that I chose, is when Mattie and grandfather were under a tree on the side of the road. It will have Mattie helping grandfather, Mattie goes to find food and water. Mattie comes back and helps grandfather some more. And goes to find more food plus when Mattie gets the fruit. And the scene when Mattie passes out.

Storyboard Text

  • Lets review about being a soldier
  • Okay
  • a good night sleep
  • grandfather wake up they need us
  • lets sit over here
  • A few minutes later
  • I'll look for food
  • these are perfect