world lit
Updated: 2/14/2020
world lit

Storyboard Text

  • hey Pedro is everything ok?
  • hey Dr. Brown we actually need to talk about something serious.
  • whats going on pedro is everything ok? is Tita ok?
  • Actually john me and tita had sex the other day and she might be pregnant...
  • WHAT!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? no you guys didn't your'e just jealous.
  • im fr John go and ask her yourself and what's mine is mine.
  • john walks into the house and sees Pedro standing there with a serious long face. so john looks at him worried.
  • Tita are u pregnant with Pedros baby???
  • Whats wrong John? Why do u look upset? Is everything okay?
  • john asks pedro asks pedro whats going on in confusion. pedro explains it with no hesitation.
  • I cant believe it..
  • Pedro.. You told him...?
  • I had to Tita.. Im sorry. I had to let him know before its too late.
  • pedro explains to john that him and tita had an affair while john was gone. john face was mad like a baby with out its bottle.
  • Im so sorry John..
  • Goodbye Tita.
  • And you said i was a jealous monster..
  • tita walks in on pedro and john discussing about how they had an affain when john was gone. john is very shocked. and titas face drops to the floor.
  • Tita looks surprised that Pedro had told John about the affair. Pedro explains with calmness how he had to before it was to late. John still doesnt believe that they are having a baby together.
  • John then walks past Tita with his face looking at the blue smoothing carpet. He then stands at the door with a disappointing face and tells Tita a last goodbye. Tita then starts crying like a dog when they step on its tail and tells Pedro that shes sorry. Pedro then with a serious face yells what John says at the beginning.