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Lord Of The Flies
Updated: 2/20/2020
Lord Of The Flies
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  • A group of school boys are the only survivors of a plane crash and they ended up on an island. Two of them, Ralph and Piggy, call the rest of the boys by blowing a conch shell. The boys select Ralph as chief
  • Ralph proposes to build a signal fire in order to be rescued, but the boys become too much excited and the fire spreads out and quickly dies down. A little boy-who told them about a beastie-dissapears
  • Ralph is annoyed because the kids-except Simon-prefer to swim and play instead of working in the huts. Jack and him discuss about the importance of hunting, which is Jack´s job. Simon explores the island
  • A ship passes near the island, but Jack let the fire out to hunt a pig along with his hunters. They manage to hunt one, but the ship passes by. Ralph confronts Jack because of this
  • Ralph shares his thoughts about the bad organisation of the group. A littlun declares he has seen the Beast, who comes from the ocean. Ralph, Jack and Piggy declare there´s no beast, but panic spreads. Simon and Piggy convince Ralph to continue being chief
  • During an air battle, a parachutist falls to the island, dead. Sam and Eric, the twins, see the body and, mistaking it with the Beast, rush to alarm the others. Ralph, Jack and the bigguns organise an expedition
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