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Updated: 5/21/2020
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  • I believe that God does exist
  • I am not sure if God exists
  • I don't believe that God exists
  • People have had special revelations where God has shown himself. An example of this is Ellen G. White who had revelations .
  • Yes however she had temporal lobe epilepsy so it was a high chance it was just a mental illness.
  • God makes miracles and this another piece of evidence for His existence.
  • God does not create miracles because miracles which are a seemingly impossible event ,are just chance.
  • Although you both make good points,she did have serious hallucinations so it is a good chance that although she did not lie, it was not the reality.
  • There is no way for science to explain miracles so the only logical explanation is that miracles are made by God
  • Neither belief knows with absolute certainty whether God created miracles or not so it is up to your own opinion.
  • God was only used as an excuse for the things humans did not know the answer to but now science can explain everything. And let's say that miracles are in fact created by God, so then since miracles only happen to a handful of people then that would disprove God's omnibenevolence. Some people only use the claim that they experienced a miracle as a way to get fame. So I believe that miracles are nothing more than chance.
  • That might be but there are many pieces of evidence for and against God's existence.
  • The argument of miracles may not best prove the existence of God but the fact that people such as Jesus or the Buddha were a godsend does .
  • Yes but then surely one must be correct leaving the other religions as wrong since every messiah was sent by a different God.
  • Yes but then one of those Gods created us and the universe although we evolved not in mutual exclusivity from God but in unison.
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