Updated: 11/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • BYE!
  • How should I live?
  • This wont make one happier!
  • Siddartha leaves his wife and child and goes away.
  • Nothing will make me move!
  • Siddharta asks a lot of wise men for advice on how to live but does not get any good answers.
  • I will give you everything in the world!
  • Siddharta decides to try not eating. He will starve himself like a beggar monk. Siddartha becomes very thin and decides that this doesn't work. It won't make one happier.
  • 49 Days
  • I KNOW! Humans are never satisfied; they always want more!
  • Siddhartha realizes this and gives up the idea of starving himself and sits down beneath a Bodhi tree to meditate. Here he decides to stay until he has found the solution. Nothing will make him move.
  • An evil demon called Mara appears to tempt him. Mara offers him lots of great things, but Siddhartha stays put.
  • Finally, after having meditated for 49 days, Siddhartha realizes what's wrong. "Humans are never satisfied; they always want more, and this wanting to have more never ends, and then the suffering never ends either." Now Siddhartha has realized how he has become enlightened, which is what the word Buddha means. Now he is no longer Siddhartha Gautama but Buddha.