India PT 2
Updated: 5/5/2018
India PT 2
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  • Ms.Maram keef the food in the Hanifl Center? Inshallah it's good. 
  • Guys are you ready for your Himalayan adventure?
  • Yes!! Bas we want to sleep first we're so tired!
  • Guys I feel like we're like a family now!
  • Guys this is so beautiful! Oh come on why is everyone sleeping you guys are so boring ugh!
  • We almost missed the flight because SOMEONE wanted Krispy Kreme!
  • I need a raise
  • Packing a hiking bag is so hard! And it's so heavy ya allah!
  • Ms.Maram keef ya3ni!
  • So guys I told you what you're going to be needing for the hike. Don't get too much stuff, two wet wipes is enough!
  • Does he want us to live like homeless people msharadeen with only two shirts and pants for 3 days
  • We're so happy that you guys are here! The kids are going to have so much fun!
  • The next morning, we woke up at 5AM in order to have a sunrise visit to the Taj Mahal, everyone was late as they were tired, however, when we arrived, it was one of the most beautiful monuments that we have all seen. Our other tour guide, Sanjay, was a bit boring and repetitive, but it was an amazing experience. We then went back to our hotel to grab our things and begin heading to the Delhi airport, which was another four hour ride, in order to go to Dehradun, the Himalayan area.
  • Jonny Jonny Yes Papa..Eating Sugar?...No Papa....
  • Maam can we change the song?
  • When we arrived to Dehradun after an hour and a half flight and a struggle to buy Krispey Kreme donuts, we noticed that we spent the first days of our trip in transportation, but we didn't mind. After our arrival, we had to go on another three hour bus ride to reach the Hanifl Center, the place we're going to be staying at. I never seemed to mind the long bus rides, but to me, that bus ride seemed endless. I spent it looking at the views, enjoying the beauty of nature and village life.
  • Omar you're going so fast khalas! Let's walk as a group!
  • Alright guys fill up your water bottles!
  • It's so funny how we barely started!
  • The next morning, we went on an acclimatization walk in order to get used to the high altitudes, and for me, it was one of the most beautiful walks I have ever been on. The views, the wild life, the nature, everything about it was beautiful. The rest of the day was for relaxation and packing our bags, which I thought was one of the most difficult aspects of the trip, as I had to learn how to compress everything I have, and not take everything that I brought to the hike.
  • OMG! Am I hearing you guys be grateful? AHH!
  • Our actual adventure began this day, when we first went to visit and do some community service at a school in a very beautiful village called Sainji Village. The highlight of my trip was watching the kids play, sing and dance together, happy with such limited sources and educational opportunities. The stories I was told were so inspiring that I learned how to be grateful for everything. After our school adventure, we visited the village itself, and set up our tents for camping.
  • We're actually so lucky to be at King's
  • Despite it being the most difficult task repacking our bags and unfolding the tents, we were all filled with excitement. It was the day were going to start our hike towards the summit of Nag Tibba. We left Sainji Village, and headed off to our starting point. After a few complications and the loss of one of our tour guides, a teacher and a student, we began our trek. The views were amazing, however, the 30 minutes that we needed for out breaks seemed like hours.
  • Ameet mishan allah can we stop I only have one lung!
  • If Mr.Ghassan was here we'd have more breaks. I really wish he came :(
  • Our first night camping was amazing, where we spent it playing cards and gossiping with each other while looking at the stars and drinking tea. The day after, we climbed the summit, listened to creepy spirit stories, and prepared for our descend. I knew for a fact that it was a one in a lifetime experience, if not the best lifetime experience, and I knew that when I go back home, I was going to miss the family that I formed, the long rides, the laughs, the memories and India.
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