Updated: 11/21/2017
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  • ive been framed,id never hurt him
  • this means i can have josh now that she left him, ill be there to "confort him"
  • your secret is safe with me
  • oh no wheres my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • On the night of November 27th, 2017 Joann had received a message saying that if she didn't break up with josh she would be exposed as a cheater. so she decided to end it with josh so no rumors would start, she didn't want josh to think she had betrayed him so she felt this was easier.
  • hey josh I heard what happened and i have something you might wanna see, meet me at the coffee shop in 15
  • She told the news to her best friend about her breaking up with josh and the actual reason behind it all. Little did she know her best friend would betray her,
  • lemme see this proof
  • Joann cheated on you and i have all the proof
  • When she arrived home she had noticed that her phone was missing, she began to panic and she knew who had it. Her best friend Isabelle was the last person she was before it went missing, it had to be her. She didn't want to say anything because she knew her best friend had betrayed her and now could expose Joann
  • i know you'd never do what Isabelle says you did. I love you no matter what. Here's your phone
  • I love you so much, i was scared you would believe them
  • Isabelle had possession of Joann's phone and she now planned to completely ruin all chances of Josh going back to Joann. She had always been jealous of Joann having Josh.
  • Josh went to meet Isabelle has she told him. Isabelle had made fake messages to make it look like Joann had cheated. Little did she know she didn't delete the email she had sent Joann from a fake account. Josh didn't believe Isabelle one bit because why would she have Joann's phone? He sweet talked Isabelle and when she was distracted he took off to Joann's house to get his true love back
  • Josh quickly rushed to go see Joann and to return her phone. He walked in and Joann walked down crying because she thought she had lost her one love. Josh would never believe the lies and he let her know that and he returned her phone back.
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