Washed on Shore
Updated: 11/24/2020
Washed on Shore

Storyboard Text

  • Washed Away
  • Thomas! Thomas!
  • Wake up please!
  • Beth...Is that you? Where are we?
  • Oh, the ship went down and a lot of people went over board, I remember now.
  • We seem to have been wash away on shore.
  • The last thing I remember was being on the cruise ship.
  • Uh, fine, lets just hurry.
  • Can we take the turtle though please? I'll name it Sid.
  • Beth, we're supposed to be looking for wood.
  • Hey look a turtle!
  • Remember? To build a raft?
  • We can leave by today if we hurry.
  • C'mon Thomas, Lets go.
  • Hurry, the sharks are out!
  • Going! I'm so ready to leave this place.
  • Let's enjoy the view.
  • Good thing we didn't try swimming.
  • Yeah these sharks are wild!