Animal Farm Comic - Joy
Updated: 6/4/2020
Animal Farm Comic - Joy
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  • Old Major calls for a meeting for all the animals to tell them about his dream. He mentions that the life of an animal is miserable and something needs to change, in his dream, he sees that the animals are the ones who are controlling the land. He suggests a rebellion against Mr. Jones and his men.
  • At the end of the meeting, Old Major sings, 'Beast of England' to the animal which displays an anthem for them. The animals sing so powerfully that they end up waking Mr. Jones, which concludes their meeting.
  • "Beasts of England..."
  • After Old Major passed, the animals began to have second thoughts about the Rebellion, after Snowball convinced them, the animals start a Rebellion against Mr. and Mrs. Jones and his four men, and run them out of Manor Farm.
  • Manor Farm
  • When the animals realized the milk and apples weren't in their food, the pigs figured the animals were suspicious, so they sent Squealer, a mastermind at manipulating animals. Squealer made an excuse saying that the pigs don't get it Jones would come back. He brought fear onto the animals by mentioning Jones, which silenced them and their thought.
  • "Jones would come back!"
  • After the word got out about Mr. Jone's failure, he met Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Frederick. They decided that they were going back to claim Animal Farm back, which was surprising because they never agree on anything.
  • aNiMaL fArM
  • There was a vote for Napoleon's argument or Snowball's windmill. The animals were told to make a choice who they would follow. Napoleon took the opportunity to overthrow Snowball. Napoleon had nine vicious, enormous dogs who ran Snowball out of Animal Farm.
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