13 reasons why - part 2

Updated: 6/16/2020
13 reasons why - part 2

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  • Marcus what are you doing? Stop it!!!
  • Don't worry,Hannah.
  • I don't have any notes.
  • I do got notes!
  • Yeah, I also got notes in my paper bag!
  • Wait a minute, this is my poem about my personal thoughts. Did Ryan stole my poem?! This was not supposed to get published.
  • Marcus Cooley went on a date with Hannah. Marcus arrived too late for the date, and during the date, Marcus touched Hannah's knee. Hannah asked him to stop, but he ignored, so she hit him in his side, throwing Marcus to the floor.
  • Clay, please stop!
  • In Peer Communication Class, every had a paper bag with supporting notes in it. Everyone got notes except Hannah. She found out that Zach Dempsey stole her notes. Those notes were really important for Hannah, because she relied on those notes to offer hope.
  • Bryce stop!Someone please help!
  • Jenny we need to call the police and warn them there is no stop sign anymore!
  • Ryan Shaver stole Hannah's poem, which was about Hannah's personal thoughts. Ryan published the poem in the school newspaper, but then without Hannah's name. Hannah was sad, because she felt like she wasn't safe anywhere.
  • No, we don't need to call the police, get out of my car Hannah!
  • Hannah and Clay kissed, but Hannah told Clay to stop, because it felt the same as the kiss from Justin. On the tape, Hannah says sorry to Clay. Hannah describes Clay as the perfect boy. Clay was the only reasons why she wouldn’t commit suicide.
  • After Hannah and Clay kissed, Hannah quickly went into a closet. In the same room, a Bryce raped Jessica. Justin was also in the room. Hannah was mad at herself and at Justin for not doing something.
  • Why am I not doing something? And why isn't Justin stopping it?!
  • After the party, Jenny gave Hannah a ride home. During the ride, they knocked over a stop sign. Hannah wanted to call 911, but Jenny didn't want to. Later, they heard that someone died, because there was no stop sign.