Gifted Differentiation Comic
Updated: 7/7/2020
Gifted Differentiation Comic
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Module 3 Submitted by Joyce Mc Carthy-Reed

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  • Are you kidding me? Everyone knows what 1+1=!This is going to be another long, boring day!
  • Today we are going to learn addition. Who can tell me what 1+1 =?
  • I think the answer may be 2!
  • Welcome to Grade 1 !
  • If I use my fingers...I get the answer of 2!
  • I hope I can use blocks and finish my worksheet on time.
  • I'm so glad we have 30 minutes to complete our plus one worksheet!
  • Today in Math we are going to take a pre-test then work on a project where you will calculate sales for your own store!
  • What am I going to do for 29 minutes after I finish this worksheet?
  • For Language Arts today we are going to review nouns. Who can tell me what a noun is?
  • This project was so much fun!
  • I just love school! I am learning so many new things!
  • I think I know...A noun is a person, place or thing!
  • For Language Arts today Billy will share his zoo animal adjective pamphlet for visitors. Jill and Emily will then tell us which adjectives they circled in each sentence on their worksheet.
  • Only 100 more days until summer vacation! I might as well catch up on my sleep!ZZZZZZZ!
  • I'm so worried about Billy. He is always so sad and falling asleep!
  • Gifted Student Needs
  • Welcome to Principal Jones' Office
  • It sounds like Billy is advanced and needs some adjustments at school to help him grow!
  • I think I can help Mrs. May with Billy!
  • Welcome to Grade 2 Math
  • This is so exciting!
  • A Visit to the Zoo!-An Adjective Pamphlet
  • Adjective Worksheet
  • Adjective Worksheet
  • Welcome to Grade 1!
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