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  • The Patriarchs
  • Oh Father!
  • I'm so sorry son, for the Lord, I had to. Your safe now,, I love you.
  • The Journey to th e Promised Land
  • Don't worry everyone! We'll continue our journey soon. Have patience
  • He's been up there for months. How long are we stopping for?
  • God: This is the Torah, the laws, which I give to you which you will give to our people, dear Moses
  • The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah
  • The beginning of Jewish history has started from a man who received a conventional from God. This is the first covenant from God, where he gave Abraham's people (and descendants), who praised God loyally, to have a 'promised land' (around 1900BC). God had also gave Abraham a git, that even though in old age, his wife will bear a child. Later that child was born to be Isaac. Abram learnt that was to sacrifice his son, but God stopped him at the last minute for Abraham's willingness. Later on, Isaac married and gave birth to Isaac, and so Isaac gave birth to 12 more sons. God renewed the covenant with Isaac, and also renamed him to be 'Israel', just like when God renamed 'Abraham' from 'Abram'. And so, the 3 Patriarchs are Abraham, Isaac and Israel. Many years later, one of the sons of Israel had been sold into slavery by his 11 other brothers, survived and became powerful in Egypt.
  • Greek Empire and Jewish Independance
  • Jacob's high power helped make all of the Israelite move to Egypt where they prospered for a long time. With a new Pharaoh many years later, this Pharaoh didn't like the big number of the Israelites. He sent them to be slaves, and tried killing their firstborn boys. One boy did survive though, and that was Moses. Many years later, he was called by God to lead his Jewish people out of their misery. He sent 10 plagues to Egypt to warn the Pharaoh to release the Jews, when that didn't work the 10th flag killed all newborn children of Egypt, excluding the Jews' newborns. This lead to the creation of the new event 'Passover' for the Jews. Soon, the upset Pharaoh released the Israelites. And Moses lead the Israelites through the dessert and the Red Sea, for about 40 years before he died, until they got to the promised land. Moses made a stop to talk to God on Mount Sinai where he was given laws from God. From there, God also extended the covenant to all of the chosen people. Joshua took over leading the journey right before they got to Canaan. When the Israelites arrived, the land was occupied by Canaanites, and so the Israelites had to fight for their land.
  • Roman Empire
  • We are the Romans. You are now under our command.
  • As the Israelites gained the promised land, it was also divided into 12 sections (each one representing the 12 sons of Isaac/Israel. In about 1050B.C.E, a new enemy has risen (the Philistines), and they captured the sacred Ark of Covenant. The Israelites appointed their first king, Saul, with the encouragement of an old judge named Samuel. Saul was a good leader, though he wasn't a good man of character. he grew jealous of his son-in-law David.In a matter of years, Saul's son died, and so the people of Israel looked up to David to be their new king. Someone strong and determined. Fortunately, King David was very successful. he United Israel to one whole again. He had great dreams for Israel as he tried to make most of them true as possible. Unfortunately, his son, and later his grandson, weren't much as good Kings and people like David was. Many weak kings followed which led to the Babylonian Exile and attacks of other enemies. It was not until 538B.C.E when the Persians took them over, and the Jews finally got back on their feet.
  • Palestine was also conquered juring the Greece take-over at around 323B.C.E. This wouldn't happen if it weren't for the young and successful Greek King 'Alexander the Great'. After he died, his 2 generals each took control of half of Alexander's claimed land. Some influences from the Greek later took on.. most were light and didn't' affect the Jews, but some were a bit heavy; especially in the north part of Israel. This difference of Greek influence towards the Israelites made them somewhat distat from each other. A Jewish Rebellion (the Zealots) was set to help the Jews gain independence. This lead to the "Maccabean War" and it also angered the Greek causing them to destroy the temple and replace it with an altar for Zeus. This was really offensive to the Jews. Fortunately, the Greek finally let the Jews go, leaving them to finally be free people. The temple was revlaimed which created a new tradition called "Hanukkah". Poor leadership did continue for the Jews though, which lead religion to be what still kept the Jews gone. The religious groups, Sadducees, Essenes and Pharisees were made.
  • In result to the Israelites not having a ruler, it was set time to time that a temporary leader would rule for a while. The Romans saw this weakness and so they took over Palestine 60 B.C.E. The Romans from this time were the last to conquer Palestine, and they were the strongest for a very long time. King Herod, a Roman, heard that his throne was endangered, and so he made sure that all newborns would die.This was of Jesus' time when Mary had conceived him, but they managed to escape from the ruling. A rebellion was tried to be formed again to help the Jews but this time, the Romans were pretty strong. Pontious Pilate was in control of Palestine at that time when Jesus was crucified.
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