Ending Cutscenes
Updated: 5/14/2020
Ending Cutscenes

Storyboard Text

  • Lian Explains To Logan How She Identifies High Value Targets
  • Lian Explains To Gabe How She See's Everything An Operative Is Doing
  • Markinson Remembers Gulfaam
  • Before starting their first mission together as agency operatives, Lian explains to Gabe that she identifies enemies by 3 ways. Talking to local residents under an occupation, watching the news, and photographing and taking samples from all who are involved.
  • Using The Taser
  • Lian came equipped to provide for her team members micro body video cameras.
  • Fist To Fist Combat
  • After Gabe and Lian meet Thomas Markinson for the first time, Markinson informs those two about a colleague from Pakistan who first met at Geneva Accords in 1988.
  • The Game's Ending
  • When someone uses a taser in the game, instead of the bolts locking on an enemy for an infinite amount of time, the taser zaps for 6 seconds and automatically retracts.
  • Players can develop their fighting skill level by going to school and completing all training courses.
  • The scene after Virgil is killed by Gabe after an 11 minute interrogation, will have all antagonist from Syphon Filter 1 in a meeting room looking over a city skyline during dusk figuring out a way to take out Gabe Logan. The scene after this will have all antagonist from Syphon Filter 2 and 3 camping in a mountain how to imperialize United States