More Dzalmadin and Algeria Lore
Updated: 5/31/2020
More Dzalmadin and Algeria Lore
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  • Silvers Surveillance Program Plagues A Turkmen With Angels Trumpets and Tread-Softly
  • CIA and CBDC Joint Operation
  • CBDC's First Mission
  • Alec Kabanov, who was once the boss of Elsa, gathered Angels Trumpet and Tread Softly and smuggled them to Silver's Surveillance Program and Pharcom to drive out local authorities and civilians who are supporting Dzalmadin's peace agreement with United States, UK, Pakistan, Russia, and France. CBDC have been called to find Dzalmadin.
  • Sgt Wesley Urban and Sgt Craig Dolan
  • Markinson just left the United Nations General Assembly after a president from France warned the world about killing a suspect. Two days later, Markinson received messages from a CIA agent, explaining that Xavier has not been attending NSA meetings and is believed to be a defective to someone. The evidence revealed his arms deal with Commander Silvers in Turkmenistan and a possible hostage situation.
  • Algerian Oil Reserves Ambushed By White Scorpions and Elite Black Batons
  • Markinson gathers Gabe and other CBDC and search and rescue Dzalmadin before Pharcom and Silver's Surveillance Program kidnaps and forces him to construct bio weapons. The town has been struck hard by poison plants and nerve gas. The town is heavily guarded and stealth is the only option. CBDC lands west and Logan lands east part of town and meets outside where Dzalmadin is most likely at.
  • How White Scorpions and Elite Black Batons Became Intense Rivals
  • After an hour of searching for Dzalmadin. Wesley and Craig found a note on a counter top about Dzalmadin's whereabouts and why is he being pursued. The whole team continue's to infiltrate towards the target's location. After he is found CBDC extracts with the target. However, Gabe goes after the defected agent.
  • Before the Algerian embassy were attacked. Archer and Falkan had an old quarrel with Nadir about taking down Pharcom. They both planned to sneak attack her at the embassy. Elite Batons hijacked the flight Phagen and Millard were also attending but things went horribly wrong. Along with the White Scorpions, Phagen and Millard boarded the plane and landed in a warzone in an Algerian oil field.
  • Both planes were almost empty on fuel and decided to land on on oil reserve field. However, Spook Commandos want to cripple the economy so that Nadir will not have the sources to fight back at Pharcom. Before landing, Spook Commandos fired at White Scorpions, commencing war in the progress. Phagen and Millard escape unharmed
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