The myth of Eritque arcus

Updated: 5/12/2020
The myth of Eritque arcus

Storyboard Text

  • Long ago the world was empty of color and everyone was sad and unhappy, the world was a desolate place with no one having any hope.
  • there is a river above the clouds called Eritque arcus it is the river of color run it into your world and color will come
  • There was a young man called Laetus and he saw all the sadness and he wanted to make a difference, he wanted to bring color into the world.
  • and your advice is to succeed in your plight, you must cut the white
  • Laetus went to the temple for iris and prayed to her for help
  • oh iris please help me bring color to the world 
  • Iris heard laetus pray and came down to help
  • But how will I get above the clouds ?
  • to help you succeed in your quest I have brought you three gifts
  • the sword nubibus, and Pegasus and some advice 
  • then Iris disappeared leaving Laetus puzzled
  • Wait Iris, what does it mean that I must cut the white