War heros:
Updated: 2/4/2021
War heros:

Storyboard Text

  • War heros: some terrorists!
  • allright men er I mean kids you are to infiltrate a base of terrorists!
  • yes sir but why are we hunting them? We are just kids!
  • by terrorists, I mean kids and no one can stand those idiots and their stupid pranks
  • later that day
  • get them
  • hey look its those terrorists!
  • Woof bark!!
  • OH shoot run!!
  • don't worry we will chase them in the other vehicle
  • Take cover!!
  • ha ha beat this
  • I did now get on!
  • Kevin turn on the stupid engine already!!
  • hit there wheels!!
  • go go go!before we get shot!
  • To be contined
  • when we get are hands on you your dead!!
  • That is if ya catch us