The way up
Updated: 1/25/2020
The way up
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  • The Way UP
  • No thanks
  • I've always been exclusive
  • want to shoot some baskets?
  • your getting really exclusive lately.
  • Goodnight!
  • "Sitting down in the back row of an English literature class, Jamie looked through an open window toward a rounded silver water tower which poked up through the woods like a great metal tulip". 
  • Water Tower
  • "He spent the afternoon working around the house. He cut the grass and spread some of the lawn fertilizer his father had stored in the garage when he had a chance, he went up to his room and again checked his equipment. The check was just nervous. he knew his equipment was right". 
  • Water Tower
  • As soon as she was gone, he swung his legs out of bed. He stood, listening, but Davids breathing did not change. Jamie walked to the closet, slipped off his pajamas, and sat on the floor to pull on his tennis shoes.
  • Water Tower
  • Jamie pushed up and sprinted. He wanted to be well away in case the boxer was still loose. His armed the time he reached the woods he was winded.
  • He hefted the anchor and with a gentle, looping motion arched arched it over himself. The anchor slid back and struck him in the side of the face. Standing on the railing, he was unable to dodge.
  • He turned to get his bearings before stumbling into a jogging run. At the tree's he wove to a stop and again looked at the tower. He shuddered. He breathed deeply. Straightening, he entered the dark woods with the step of a man who wouldn't be hurried and walked back toward the house.
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