Rev. War
Updated: 9/23/2018
Rev. War
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  • The Revolutionary War
  • Jake Crawford
  • The Boston Massacre 1770
  • Stop the taxes! It's not fair!
  • Boston Tea Party 1773
  • Dump the tea! Dump the tea! Dump the tea!
  • This was a war started to make America independent, and free them from England.
  • The Quartering Act 1765
  • The Boston Massacre was a group of citizens who were protesting against the taxes. Five died when the British troops fired into the crowd.
  • Lexington 1775
  • The Boston Tea Party was when a group of men called the Sons of Liberty dressed like Indians, and dumped British tea into the Boston harbor.
  • Declaration of Independence 1776
  • The Quartering Act allowed British troops to be housed in colonist houses.
  • Alright I'm living here now. 
  • Lexington was the first battle of the revolution that included the famous "shot heard around the world".
  • Delegates from each American state met together to write a document that declared freedom from England.
  • Can we all just calm down and write this stupid thing so everyone won't be so mad.
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