Updated: 3/14/2021

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  • I say, we'd better get a move on.
  • What's that noise ?!
  • Zach , Will , George and the twins had decided to go to Spooky Cott. The only thing around was a squirrel collecting nuts. The other had gone off ahead so Will and Zach were on their own.
  • Look the music is coming from inside!
  • I am sure my hair will turn white!
  • As Will and Zach were walking they heard an eerie high pitched noise coming from the direction of the cottage.
  • You can come in if you like ?
  • Will and Zach gave the signal that they were ok. In the distance they heard the others signal back that they were off.
  • I am Geoffrey Sanderton. I had a nervous break down.
  • As Will and Zach approached the cottage the noise they heard slowly became more distinct and became louder.
  • A young man was standing at the door!
  • The young man was in his mid twenties. He only had one leg and one ear. There were piles of paper and canvas that littered the floor. He explained that he was at Dunkirk . He also went on to say that his family had been blown up.