Updated: 2/3/2020
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  • “Weren’t you concerned with Mayella’s condition?”
  • “I was goin‘ home as usual that evenin’, an‘ when I passedthe Ewell place Miss Mayella were on the porch, like she said she were. It seemedreal quiet like, an’ I didn’t quite know why. I was studyin‘ why, just passin’ by,when she says for me to come there and help her a minute.
  • "I seen that black nigger yonder ruttin’ on my Mayella!”I most positively was... I seen who done it.”
  • “Just tell us what happened. You can do that, can’t you?”
  • “Mr. Finch, I got down offa that chair an‘ turned around an’ she sorta jumped onme.”
  • “Don’t want him doin‘ me like he done Papa,tryin’ to make him out left handed…”
  • “Tom, did she ever speak to you?”
  • “Why, yes suh, I’d tip m’hat when I’d go by, and one day she asked me to comeinside the fence and bust up a chiffarobe for her.”
  • “Tom, what happened to you on the evening of November twenty-first of last year?”
  • “What happened after that? Answer the question,”
  • “Jumped on you? Violently?”
  • “No suh, she—she hugged me. She hugged me round the waist.”
  • “He’s the same in thecourtroom as he is on the public streets.”
  • “You aren’t thin-hided, it just makes you sick, doesn’t it?”
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