Updated: 2/4/2020
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  • It is 510 B.C. and we have become a republic!
  • Yes, we are one of the first democracies ever. We have 3 branches, The Consuls, The Senate, and The Assembly. We strive because we could solve internal political problems peacefully and fell out because senators murdered Julius Caesar
  • It is now 27 B.C. and we have formed the new roman empire where we took a lot of land.
  • We are the largest political and social structure in western civilization. Our Empire had grown to big to be ruled from the one central government to two Empires known as the Eastern Empire and Western Empire
  • Between AD 406 and 419, we had lost a good majority of our land to mostly German tribes. Pretty soon all the attacks destroyed us
  • I'm upper class and I'm also Royalty. I have lots of money and can eat whatever I want
  • I'm in the lower class and my family is very poor.
  • I'm in the middle class and my family does pretty well. Were not a royal family but were smart. This class was created by the Romans so were new.
  • Hello I'm Jesus. I'm a poor carpenter in Jerusalem and I'm also a jew. I'm the son and God and he has sent me down to teach people about his ways. A lot of people hate me for this and want me dead.
  • I'm Constantine and I was the first ruler of the Christian Roman Empire. After Christians had been prosecuted for years, I declared this would no longer happen and Christians could live freely.
  • The Roman Empire is falling and falling fast. We are losing many battles to the Germanic tribes. We have failed to enforce our rules due to our very spread out territories and pretty soon, Barbarian groups starting attacking us.
  • The Western Roman Empire officially ended 4 September 476 CE, when Emperor Romulus Augustulus was deposed by the Germanic King Odoacer
  • The Romans developed many new techniques for building things that we still use today. They also made the invention of Roman arches and aqueducts. The Romans also were the first to start building things with concrete.
  • The Romans are also responsible for having some of the first highways and roads. Not to mention they gave the world the first bound books and newspapers.
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