ATD Sample Storyboard_Jenn Shepard
Updated: 7/16/2020
ATD Sample Storyboard_Jenn Shepard
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For the ATD Master eLearning Certification Course

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction
  • Tile 1
  • Tile 2
  • You are going to watch two scenes. One is the wrong way. One is the right way. At the end, we will talk about which one is which. You are about to meet Adam and Hussain. They have a very serious problem.
  • Tile 4
  • Adam and Hussain are arguing. Adam is not sleeping through the night because Hussain sets his alarm to pray. The alarm wakes Adam at 3:45am every night. Hussain thinks that Adam is very rude. He thinks Adam does not respect his religion. Adam thinks that Hussain does not respect him.
  • Tile 5
  • Hussain and Adam are arguing outside when the Supervisor arrives. When he learns what is happening, he yells at Adam. "Don't you know you're in Saudi Arabia?" he yells at Adam. "Praying is important! Stop being disrespectful! I am going to take away your break for being rude."
  • Tile 6
  • Transition
  • The Supervisor grabs them both. After he yells at them for fighting, he sends Hussain back to work. Hussain is very happy.
  • The Supervisor is very angry at Adam. He sends Adam to his trailer. Adam will lose his pay for the day.
  • Adam feels very sad and betrayed by the Supervisor.
  • Now, we are going to watch that scene one more time. This time there is a different ending. At the end, think about which scene you prefer to be in.
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