John Calvin Reformation
Updated: 11/23/2020
John Calvin Reformation

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  • Who
  • What?
  • When?
  • John Calvin was a great man who was born in France on the 10th of July 1509 and died on the 27th of may 1564. He was a reformer who was sent to the University of Paris in 1523 to become more educated about priesthood but later on decided he desired to be a lawyer.
  • Where?
  • In the 16th century there was a religion created called Calvinism which is made by John Calvin's followers to show their appreciation to him. John Calvin taught others about the catholic church as he believed that needed to be taught for often.
  • How?
  • John Calvin was most active as a reformer in 1536 when he was helping to widen the knowledge of who God was and what he did as well as the doctrine of predestination.
  • How did he change the world?
  • As you may know John Calvin was born in Noyon, France and then later moved to Switzerland. He was active as a reformer in France 1536.
  • For John Calvin the change the world there where many things he needed to do one of these is creating his own religion called Calvinism. John Calvin was credited as the most important figure in the second generation of the protestant.
  • John Calvin tried to change things so that people like us and the people in the future can have the best life possible. He taught the catholic religion to those who weren't educated, he created his own religion and he changed the lives of many people.