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Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hi sir, I'd like to open a credit card I have a 550 credit score
  • You may but with your credit score you can only have a capacity of $500 on the card
  • Okay that's perfect, I would love one
  • Okay good follow me
  • One credit card coming up but you know to improve your credit cards you should pay off the cards every month fully
  • Wow really?
  • Yes and having a good credit score matters if you want to take out bank loans
  • Wow so I need to increase my credit score to have a higher chance of bank loans
  • Yes and I see you don't have a criminal record which also makes you more creditable as your character is not in question
  • Oh that's fantastic thank you
  • Here's your brand new credit card
  • Thank you so much sir