alex's life
Updated: 5/8/2020
alex's life

Storyboard Description

Here Alex's life is going to be shown talking about the likes of her friends.

Storyboard Text

  • Alex:Hello Andrea,what food do you like?Andrea:I like Ice cream,burger and pizza.And you?Alex:hey i like the same and wich do you hate?Andrea:chips and the soda.
  • Alex:Hey what music do you like?Daniela: I like reggaeton,pop,rap,trap,guaracha.And you?Alex:I like,music in english and a little rock.
  • Alex:Sara what game do you like?Sara:I like roaller coaster,the hammer.And you?Alex:I also like the same and also shooting game.
  • Alex:what genre of movie do you like?Sofia:I like drama and adventure and you?Alex:i like action and terror.
  • Alex:What countries would you like to visit?Lady:I would like Mexico,Germany and Austria and you?Alex:I would like Spain,Peru,USA and Turkey.
  • Alex:What other wonder of the world would you like to visit?Dani:I would like to visit:Chichén Itzá and you?Alex I would like to visit:Machu Picchu.