Metals, non-metals and metaloids cartoon
Updated: 6/24/2020
Metals, non-metals and metaloids cartoon
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  • Hello my dears I am water who are you?
  • I am sulfur and I am a non-metal
  • I am silicon and I am a metalloid
  • I am zinc and I am a metal
  • tank to good that you are here, I have a problem my computer wire is broken and I need help
  • I am maliable and good conductor of electricity I can be the wire missing part
  • If the computer receives so much electricity it will burn you can use me as a resistor because i am a semi conductor
  • And you can melt me and then put me arund the wire to isolate the electricity because I am a poor conductor of electricity
  • Water rember you have to cook
  • Now I can use my computer and touch the cable because sulfur is isolating the electricity tanks
  • Oh tanks zinc to help me because I don´t have pots
  • But how can you resist that fire? I have a medium melting point and I will melt.
  • Its because I have a high melting point and I am a good conductor of heat so I can cook easily the meat
  • Keep that fire far from me! I have a low melting point. But you can use me to grab zinc because I am a poor conductor of heat
  • What is the problem I am opaque and brittle and it is fine for me
  • Take care water If am in contact with the water I will corode and I'm not gonna be shinny anymore
  • You say that because you are non- metal, I am a metalloid and I am shinny and I have a middle hardness. come on zinc lets get an acid relaxing bath.
  • Oh tank... ops watch out Zinc!
  • and it sounds weird when we put a match on it, this prove the precence of hidrogen gas
  • Yes that's because when the zinc is in contact of the substance, the chloride particles creates chemical bonds with the zinc particles, and then the chemical bonds that the chlorine had hith the hidrogen get broken making the substance release hidrogen gas
  • Ohh how relaxing is to be in hidrocloric acid
  • Oh look now the liquid in there is zinc cloride and in there are leaving hidrogen gas particles!
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