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Updated: 2/9/2021
storyboard #1

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  • That sounds helpful wow
  • This app helps for family planning, inform us about overpopulation and ways to prevent it
  • Family planning tips: 1. Use protection2.Avoid unplanned intercourse... Click the next pagefor information about overpopulation
  • Overpopulation is serious problem in our world this needs to be solved. Ways to prevent: Family planning, Use protection, In every country there should be a limit to children, And this app provides a way to reduce overopulation that will be shown in the next page.
  • A good way to reduce urbanization is living in condominium this way you can reduce living in urban areas which can slowly reduce overpopulationin the next page we'll be talking about ways to reduce overpopulation
  • Another way to reduce overpopulation is adoption, what i mean by this is, is instead of reproducing you can adopt a child from a adoption center or orphanage.
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  • yes i can see this app becoming useful for planning and to reduce overpopulation
  • You see this app is useful for family planning and to reduce overpopulation.