Updated: 3/15/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The independence of colombia
  • A man named Cristobal Colon proposed to the kings of Spain a new route to Asia to buy products from this continent
  • Good , we’ll give you 3 boats and 90 men
  • ooh great idea, but be sure to bring us many gifts
  • to Asia
  • the king left him three ships the girl, paints her, and the holy mary
  • on 12 October 1492.Cristobal Colon came to America thinking it was Asia
  • are gods!
  • who these are
  • in 1492 the Spanish colonists expanded as a means of domination and exploitation of the conquered lands.
  • work!!
  • zombo
  • and these began to breed among themselves and formed new races called the Mestizaje
  • indian
  • black
  • spanish white
  • mestizo
  • mulatto