Tarea ingles
Updated: 4/10/2021
Tarea ingles

Storyboard Text

  • Son dont forget your school supplies.i wouldn´t tell you if it hadn´t happened yesterday
  • I had been distracted yesterday before leaving the house, So i forgot about the supplies
  • Yes mother.i will pay attentión not to leave anything here
  • I had a fight whit Carlos a week ago that´s why i´m so distracted
  • ¿Why are you like this?Hadn´t you and Carlos talked
  • You must forgive him. He was bad also had a problem that day 
  • Luis and i fought because he had breached our deal a week ago
  • Talk to Carlos Luis, explain what had happened at the party before Daniela arrived and the misunderstanding occurred
  • I wanted to apologize Isabel but he has been avoiding me and he does not let me explain things to him
  • Daniela I'm not feeling well. Have you ever had a pain before entering classI really don't want to meet Carlos
  • Carlos you should talk to him and forgive him.he had only helped his mother beforego to the partyThat is why he could not keep his promise.
  • Hello Daniela
  • good morning students, sorry for the delay.He had been talking to the coordinator before coming here.
  • Hello Isabel
  • Hi LuisI too would like to apologize and talk to you. So see you there.
  • Hi CarlosCould it be that you could talk later in the hallway? I'd like to apologize to you and tell you some things.
  • Thanks for apologizing my friend.he had been very worried since before the party when it all happened. Calm that everything is forgiven.
  • Now I understand everything.I'm sorry for not having listened to you, my friend, I hope you can excuse me too.