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Renaissance: A comic strip
Updated: 8/18/2020
Renaissance: A comic strip
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  • Where am i, this place is very fantastic and huge
  • Welcome to beautiful and ancient Italy where do you come from?
  • I was furious and then I ran into a tiny door and then I appeared here
  • Hello I am Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Ahh, this is a friend. He is Leonardo Da Vinci, La Gioconda was painted by Leonardo
  • Can you explain to me how you painted the fantastic Gioconda?
  • Yes, go with me and I explain you
  • Juan Verjel crashed into a door and went back in the past and appeared in France during the Renaissance Era
  • The sfumato technique was used by me in this painting
  • It is a very complicated technique
  • Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was a critical figure in the late Renaissance. Not only is he regarded as one of the greatest artists who ever lived, but he made remarkable contributions to engineering, architecture, science, urban planning, cartography, philosophy, and anatomy during the Renaissance.
  • The helicopter, parachute, crossbow were created by me.
  • What other amazing works have you created?
  • Juan Verjel spoke with Leonardo for a while about his most important paintings
  • It is very important for our humanity because it forces us to think, rethink, experiment and explore everything that we already knew and wanted to know, to seek new answers to the infinite questions that surrounded the world and the human being.
  • Leonardo why is renaissance important?
  • Leonardo Da Vinci used the sfumato technique, it consists of dispensing with the neat and precise contours typical of the quattrocento and wrapping everything in a kind of mist that blurs the profiles and produces an impression of total immersion in the atmosphere, which gives the figure a three-dimensional feel
  • Leonardo Da Vinci's coolest inventions were The Helicopter (Propeller), The 33-gun mortar or war machine, The Giant Crossbow, The Parachute, The Flying Machine, The Clock, The Armored vehicle. Among others
  • Leonardo explained to Juan why Renaissance is important to humanity
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