ACtivity la/ss
Updated: 9/11/2020
ACtivity la/ss

Storyboard Text

  • Give me your backpack nerd.
  • Erno saw his friend he was wondering what clue he got so he gave him what he wanted but the clue ended up saying this is not a clue then Scott walked away with everything going right for him.
  • Scott was being bullied by Jeremy. Jeremy had taken his sunglasses Jeremy was the worst bully of them all he occasionally liked to threaten Scott.
  • He had to get the groceries and had to stop crying so his mom would not know he was getting bullied but he cried until he got to the store.
  • He eventually go home with the groceries he stopped to think what he was gonna say since he lost his backpack he said "mom I think I left my backpack at school"
  • He went inside to his computer cause he knew how he was gonna handle jeremy he would sign up for boxing classes.
  • Scott had just gotten his new haircut and was ready to fight he told himself "I wont give up not right now or ever" Scott was one of the best boxers.