Updated: 9/5/2018
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  • Meeting the Towns People
  • Battle with Grendel
  • Battle with Grendel's Mother
  • The hermit Grendel was on his way gritting his ugly teeth. The incredible Beowulf would be there to fight the horde creature! Some of the towns-people were unlucky and begged that Beowulf be there to stop the wild beast!
  • The wretched beast had shown up on that gloomy night and had taken multiple people. But then the merry Beowulf had shown up and decided to beat the evil monster at its games, the brave and powerful Beowulf fought the ugly thing, Beowulf had killed the thing ripped him to pieces and kept the creatures ugly claw as a piece of metal to award himself!
  • Mother was furious, she wanted revenge! She could see it, Beowulf would be crying like a baby, better yet, dead as a doornail! Mother was hungry as a horse she could eat a million people! Slap, crunch, scratch went the sound of Beowulf's armor, as the creatures of the sea tried to kill him while swimming to the cave. Beowulf had gotten to the horrific place where mother was and began fighting her. He soon noticed that she could not be killed by any old sword. he had found a sword hanging on the wall, a magical sword, he swung that sword and slashed her neck off. Beowulf had then known he had won the battle. He then had the Danes carry the ginormous head back to the castle as a new award!
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