Religion work
Updated: 3/13/2020
Religion work

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due friday

Storyboard Text

  • Yes! My Liege
  • slaves in Egypt exodus: 1.11-14
  • Arrest the Israelites! Make them build our supply cities!
  • The birth and youth of young Moses: Exodus 2:1-10
  • It has been three months of hiding my child here, what shall i do?
  • When he came near, he saw sheperds driving little girls away from a wel preventing the girls from watering their flock so Moses rescues the little girls and waters the flock
  • No problem!
  • Moses flees to the midian
  • Thank you mister!
  • Moses. Moses, take off your sandals for you are walking on holy ground.
  • The lord calls Moses: Exodus 3.1-17
  • Moses hears his name being called multiple times, but no one was around him. Moses soon realized it was God
  • On that same night the lord will pass over Egypt and kill every first born. The blood he will be a sign and pass over the family.
  • You must all get a lamb and one the fourteenth day slaughter it a spread the blood across the side and top of your door.
  • The Passover: Exodus 12.21-28
  • The crossing of the red sea: Exodus 14.15-30
  • OH my! The water has turned into blood.